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Hi, I’m Nereda

I’m so glad you stopped by and want to learn more about me before proceeding.

My Philosophy Is About Balance.

My mission is to help you be more comfortable and happy in your own skin. Ultimately, I want to get you to a place where you effortlessly choose healthy everyday. Not that extreme, one dimensional, deprive yourself healthy that is touted by the media outlets and leaves you feeling riddled with guilt and failure.

The healthy I will get you to involves a sustainable, balanced, educated approach that will result in loads of energy, vibrancy, a reduced risk of disease and ease of movement into old age. My approach to healthy has room for wine, restaurant meals and sweet treats. It is not an all or nothing approach, it is about educating yourself so you can find flexibility within your nourishing dietary pattern to enjoy what life has to offer without focusing too much on what you are putting in your mouth.

I advocate that healthy doesn’t have to be hard, that it can be achieved with everyday ingredients and that your meals can remain deliciously satisfying, while also helping you feel good. With my approach to healthy you will be crowding more of the nourishing food in, while weeding out the foods that don’t serve your health goals.

So if you want to discover your version of a balanced, healthy lifestyle please get in touch to learn how a nourishing dietary pattern and an active lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring or complex to bring back the energy, wellbeing and happiness you deserve in your life.

A Short Story About Me.

There are ALOT of wellness peeps stepping into the space of health and food but there aren’t many nutritionists with university degrees in both nutrition (M.HNutr) and sports science (B.App.Sci). Nor do many have busy corporate backgrounds, two children and 25 years of life experience. This combination allows me to really understand both the busy modern executives life and that of a busy family, enabling me to offer fuss-free, sensible, family-friendly advice and programs.

My first career encompassed 16 years of sports marketing and management, think Olympic Games, World Cups and all the other sporting events in between. I loved it; the pace, the variety, the people…that is, until we had children and I discovered I couldn’t work the 12+ hours required per day and still have energy left to smile and engage with my family. Not to mention the fact that over time a crisis of conscience developed that made it difficult to be enthusiastic about working for clients such as KFC, Coca Cola, Unilever and so forth. In my mind I was encouraging the public to eat foods that I knew were not good for them and would only cause problems for them down the track.

So, with a little push from friends and family, I decided to take the leap and do something more aligned with what underpins my lifestyle; a love of good food, a focus on maintaining vitality, good health and active living. Not one to take a half-assed approach, I completed a Masters of Nutrition. I thought this would help best achieve the desired outcome of having an evidence-based approach to helping people understand how food (and movement) can achieve positive change to their health and wellbeing.

While a lot of people wish they could have started a journey they are enjoying sooner, I think I can offer people more now than I could have 20 or even 5 years ago. Given we are the sum of our health and life experiences; the bearing of two children, numerous health problems overcome (digestive, respiratory and mental) or at least put in a manageable place, exposure to many different food cultures, surviving a stressful career and life situations, triumphing against a few adversities and generally having a good time along the way, can only make me a more compassionate and practical educator / practitioner.

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What My clients Think

We engaged Nereda from the Balanced Body to educate ourselves and our team at Mash on how to achieve a balanced diet, particularly in a high stress environment like the work place, and healthly snack options for those 11am and 3pm dips in productivity. Most importantly, we looked at what the company could do to help the team eat more healthily, particularly in the morning, where the company provides breakfast. What we loved about the lunch and learn educational sessions was that all Nereda's suggestions were very achievable and didn't involve a huge change to anyone's diets, which made change much easier to implement and stick to. It also helped that Nereda had worked in our industry for years and knew from first hand experience how stressful and relentless the work day can be sometimes, again all her suggestions took this into account.

Neil Burton Co-Founder and CEO, Mash Marketing

Nereda provided a comprehensive all encompassing vision of my health needs. She considered the demands and health inadequacies in my life, addressed these and offered a realistic and achievable plan for the future.  Absolutely recommend her services.

Janelle Northbridge

We engaged Nereda to help us with our extremely fussy eater. He is a 7 year old that seems to live on air and has very strong opinions about what he will and won’t eat. Nereda was able to assist with some healthier options for his meals on a daily basis. She gave us some great recipes and techniques we could use that helped us in a really positive way. We know getting help from Nereda has made an impact as he is trying new foods and that was something we could never have imagined before

Kristen & Ben Wright Chatswood

I found Nereda’s Bring Balance Back program excellent and easy to follow, if there were any problems Nereda was very approachable, she also sent regular text messages and emails. The recipes were easy to make, and easy to adjust if required. I lost about 1kg, and was definitely less bloated in the tummy. I intend to continue with the eating plan

Jan Bringing Back Balance Participant

I found the program helpful and appreciated your informative and motivating regular emails and texts. Found your piece on alcohol very helpful and now sticking to 2 glasses of bubbles a week - feel much better for it too. I lost 1.5 kg in February which is slow but steady progress for me

Marilyn Bringing Back Balance Participant

You hear people say all the time - The older I get the harder it is to lose weight. Well, that's me. My waist had disappeared and I was morphing into a middle age woman. I'm all for ageing gracefully, but I knew I was overweight and unhealthy. Entre Nereda Merrin, a few sessions with Nereda and I was back on track. Nereda gently explained with no judgement what was happening to my body as menopause was raising its ugly head and how stress was affecting my weight. Nereda has a Masters of Nutrition and with her kind yet informative 'tableside' manner I felt excited not overwhelmed to finally do something about my health and weight.’

Sandra Naremburn

I found that by putting into practice Nereda's recommendations my bloating lessened, I didn't crave as much sweet food in the afternoon and over a 4-6 week period lost 3kg

Sandra Naremburn