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Do you want to enjoy nourishing, low fuss meals?

Do you want ready-to-go meal prep plans, recipes and shopping lists?

Do you want healthy to be tasty but not hard?

Are you sick of restrictive diets?

Do you want someone to help you stay on track to build healthier habits?

Are you over feeling tired or always lacking in energy?


What Is Reboot and Rebalance?

A 28-day program that focuses on crowding in the foods that will nourish your body, while getting rid of those that hinder your ability to achieve long-term vitality. The program has been intentionally designed to help you establish a new sustainable eating pattern focused on healthy satisfying food that tastes as great as it will make you feel.

The program is built around five pillars;

  • The imparting of nutritional knowledge to inspire sustainable habits
  • The daily demonstration that healthy doesn’t have to be hard, but should be tasty.
  • The packing in of more plants and fibre
  • The lowering of your sugar and starchy carbohydrates intake
  • The demolishing of portion distortion

After 28 Days You Can Expect To:

  • Eat from less packets
  • Eat more delicious food, including treats
  • Wake up with more energy
  • Maintain your energy and vitality throughout the day
  • Experience less cravings
  • Stop the dieting, deprivation and guilt
  • Enjoy eating out without menu stress
  • Feel confident in your food and meal choices
  • Lost unhealthy body fat

What’s Included.

  • Four week meal plan of satisfying, low fuss, everyday meals that are packed with fibre, wholefood carbohydrates and protein from plants, grains and lean meat sources.
  • 60+ recipes including sweet treats.
  • Bite-sized daily health and motivational email to help you achieve a sustainable nourishing eating pattern long after Bringing Back Balance has concluded.
  • Pantry detox guide
  • Food diary app and weekly review email
  • Intention setting work sheet.
  • Daily SMS or email contact with a university qualified nutritionist
I’m ready to Reboot and Rebalance