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Five Ways To Crowd In More Veggies.

I would hazard a guess that most of you know you should be eating more vegetables, but the action of doing so sometimes leaves you stumped. So here are five tips to crowd more veggies in without creating a ridiculous amount of work for yourself!

 1.A serve of vegetables at breakfast.

Most people associate veggies with their breakfast when they are eating at a café so all you need to do is bring a little bit of this thinking into a few breakfasts each week. For instance;

  • ½ avocado and tomato slices on toast
  • Sautéed mushrooms and wilted spinach on toast
  • A green smoothie

2.Make at least one snack per day vegetable-based.

A serve of vegetables isn’t that large, for instance half a cup of carrot equates to a serve of vegetable. So, it is easy to achieve a serve of vegetables as a snack:

  • A cup of mixed vegetable crudités with hummus dip
  • A cup of vegetable soup
  • A green smoothie (this would probably equate to 2-3 serves depending on size)

3.Do a 50/50 swap for legumes

To cut down on your meat intake and easily increase the number of bowel-healthy legumes, try this simple swap. Swap 50 percent mince for 50 percent lentils when making bolognaise or lasagne, and make black bean or red kidney bean and beef patties as opposed to 100 percent beef patties. Cutting back on your meat portion and topping it up with legumes is a really great way of fitting additional plant-based foods into your diet. Plus, they’re good for the wallet, the environment and your waistline.

 4. Grate veggies into your favourite dishes

Grating a variety of vegetables into your favourite dishes is a great way to increase your vegetable intake each day. When you grate vegetables into dishes like stews, pasta sauces, soups, curries and lasagne it’s unlikely you will even taste the difference. A great way to have a nourishing meal on hand is to make a big batch of fresh tomato sauce using a variety of vegetables, herbs and legumes. Freeze it in portions and serve with meat and pasta.

5.Replace 50% of your carbohydrates with vegetables.

Mix zucchini noodles into spaghetti or finely chopped cauliflower into rice. Not only does this increase your vegetable intake but it also lowers your starchy carbohydrate intake. And given many of us crowd out vegetables by eating too many starchy carbohydrates this is a good swap to build into a habit.